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The Sales Factor

Discover what separates the best sales person from the rest.
It's about using the best possible behaviours and mindset to land the deals you really want.

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The secret of selling

We believe there’s a Secret to selling that regular skills training doesn’t really cover and it’s the thing that separates the best from the rest.

Our approach to selling is different.

  • Are you looking to sharpen your sales strategy?
  • Maybe you are leaving business on the table?
  • Or do you just want to win more business?

Whatever your objective, it’s all about knowing how to apply the right behaviours, mindset and values to make it happen.

We are here to help you inspire, coach and train your people to be the best salespeople they can be because of how they think and behave. Not just when they are in front of your customers, but before and after too.

Spot more opportunity

When you hear people talk about sales, you will hear them talk about opportunities. And the importance of having a pipeline full of well qualified prospects to fuel your sales engine so you can win more business.

Whilst this dramatically improves your chance of success from the off, the rubber really hits the road when you meet or speak to your customers and clients in person. Because this is when you have the opportunity to uncover their wants, needs, pains and frustrations.

And most importantly of all it’s your opportunity to highlight how you can help.

Ask great questions

The best salespeople in the world understand that selling is something you do ‘for’ not ‘to’ somebody.

But ironically too many salespeople get this equation the wrong way round.

It’s about make sure you’re asking the right questions to unearth your customer’s genuine wants, needs, pains and frustrations. To then tee it up for you to help them understand how and why, what you’ve got is the best fit for them.

Do it right and you’ll uncover even more opportunities where you can help, create maximum value for what you have to offer and get the best possible price you can. It makes asking for the business easier too, because your customers won’t just buy your product or service, they’ll be buying the results  you’ve helped them to understand it will bring.

Believe in what you sell

The best salespeople are able to connect with their customers because they help them to see ‘why’ what they do should matter to them.

When you believe in who you are and what you stand for and you have a great product or service too, it becomes a compelling mix. Not only will your customer begin to view your product as an extension of you they’ll believe in you more too.

How you sell matters

Sales are contingent on the attitude of the salesperson - not the attitude of the prospect.

W. Clement Stone

Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.

Brian Tracy

Selling is a person-to-person business. You cannot send the sales manual out to make a sale. Sales manuals have no legs and no voice.

Jim Rohn

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

Discover what separates the best sales person from the rest

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If you're serious about seeing your sales and profits soar by using the best possible behaviours and mindset to land the deals you really want, we'd love to hear from you.

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