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Get out of your own way

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Get clear on what you want, what it means to you and why it matters.

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Lessons from the Masters

10 years ago, I flew halfway around the world and back in three days. My destination was Phoenix in Arizona. Quite a few people I knew thought I was mad, but it was worth it.

I’d been to hear some of the world’s leading experts in leadership and personal development speak.

And on my way home, I was finding it hard to sleep on the plane because my mind was spinning and buzzing with ideas. So I decided to take some time to reflect and make some notes about what I’d learned. And then it dawned on me that there’s a common theme to everything that I’d heard.

Goal + Action + Persistence = Success

Success isn’t necessarily meant to be easy, but it’s not complicated, and there’s a positive and negative to every situation.

It’s about having a clear goal, taking action and being persistent.

We are creatures of habit. Some of which serve us well, and others which, if we’re not careful, have the power to prevent us from achieving what we want.

Robert Kiyosaki summed it up well when he said,

“Get out of your own way. Often we are our own worst enemies when working towards our goals.”

Growing your business and enjoying the rewards of your future growth will always be dependent upon how well you and your team can upgrade your thinking to change your habits, which in turn, then improves your results.

The ‘GAPS’ Approach™

Clear GOAL

To help you on your way, make sure you have a clear goal.

Get clear on what you want, what it means to you and why it matters.


Secondly, you’ve got to take action. So it’s important you figure out:

  • what’s the priority;
  • what are you going to do about it;
  • how are you going to do it;
  • how are you going to do it consistently?


And finally, and very importantly, it’s about persistence.

You have to stick at it, be resilient and keep going!

Now is the time to get out of your own way

Motivational speaker

If you want to get clearer on your goals, or would like help to figure out what's the right action to take and how to be more persistent we'd love to hear from you.

Motivational speaker