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Cure your Headaches

3 mins 32 secs

Driving Business Growth Through Your Managers Series
Part 5 of 6

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There are two types of people in life. Those with a positive ‘Can-do’ attitude and those with a negative ‘Can’t-do’ attitude.

The negative ones are the people who don’t want to do things. It’s your team members who won’t do things because they choose not to. Positive team members on the other hand, are your people who are up for the challenge. Those who have a want to and will do attitude.

We call them your Headaches and your Stars.

  • How much time do you and your managers waste on dealing with unnecessary conflict?
  • How much time do you spend fixing the politics of your people and putting out fires that have been started by your headaches?

Deep down your headaches only really care about themselves.

They’re not really bothered about the impact of their behaviour on the rest of the team or the rest of the business. If you think about it, all of these things add up and they prevent your colleagues and other managers in the business from being able to drive the businesses growth. Why? Because they’re a distraction.

Stars on the other hand, bring a positive energy to everything they do.

They take time to understand other people circumstances and situations. They know where the business is going. And they are team players who want to play their part.

They’ve got an amazing ability to hit the reset button when things don’t go according to plan. They’ve also got your back.

How much better and easier would your life, and the life of everybody else in the business be, if you had a team full of Stars and you no longer have to put up with a Headache?

You’d get more done and reach your goals faster. And undoubtedly enjoy the process more along the way.

So we like to think of it like this.

Not only do your stars do great things, they also attract great things. Whereas your headaches waste your time, cause problems and just distract you your time and your energy, which should be focused on something else.

So in order to drive your business’s growth, it’s really important that your leaders and managers don’t sweep this behaviour under the carpet.

It’s important you agree how you want to do things around here. And very importantly, hold people to account.

It’s a leader’s role to uphold the standard and in doing so, they have everyone’s best interests at heart.

Who are your Headaches? And who are your Stars?

Create a positive can-do attitude across your business

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If you'd like to cure your Headaches and lead a team full of Stars, we'd love to hear from you.

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