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Have the right people on board for your business

Make room for positive people who make things happen and care about your collective success.

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Everything is energy

Broadly speaking there are two types of people in life and business.

Positive and negative.

We call them your Stars and your Headaches.

Shoot for the Stars

Stars bring a positive energy to everything they do. They understand where you are going, are team players and want to play their part.

They are resilient too, know how to push the reset button when things don’t go to plan and have always got everyone’s back.

And none of this is by chance, it’s because they have strong values and a great attitude.

We believe this is the heartbeat of every great leader and the culture they create to make their business a success.

Cure your Headaches

There is a flip side too. Think of all the wasted time and effort you invest in dealing with unnecessary conflict, fixing people politics and putting out fires started by the people on your team who aren’t fully engaged or on board with where you want to get to.

These are your Headaches.

Ignore these time thieves at your peril, because unlike your Stars, they will be holding you and your business back.

Don’t be a hostage to your current culture

We encourage our clients to take a step back for a moment to consider who are the Headaches in their business.

When we ask them where they think a Headache’s focus really lies, their answer always goes something like this, “deep down, they just care about themselves more than anyone else on the team and aren’t really bothered what impact their behaviour has on the business, which means we all end up having to put up with it.”

But do you?

Unlock your people potential

At some point you will encounter negativity from your people, certain teams and maybe even the business as a whole.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and to put up or shut up isn’t the answer.

We are here to help you and your team to develop the right behaviours, mindsets and values so that you have less Headaches to contend with and can grow your business because you are leading and developing a team of Stars.

Great people mean business

The culture of the company is the sum of the behaviours of all its people.

Michael Kouly - World Bank Fellow

To answer the question, how tall can the human species grow, then obviously it is well to pick out the ones who are already tallest and study them.

Abraham Maslow - A Theory of Human Motivation

The characteristics of self-actualised people includes creativity, flexibility, courage, willingness to make mistakes, openness, collegiality, and humility.

Chip Conley - Founder and former CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality

Shaping your culture is more than half done when you hire your team.

Jessica Herrin - Founder, Stella & Dot

More Key Questions

When our clients speak to us about having the right people on board for their business, we often discuss these things too.

Are you?

Make room for the right people and see your business grow

If you're frustrated with how things are currently going and want a team full of Stars, let's discuss how we can help you move forward and cure your Headaches once and for all.